Attending a Christian Academy that still teaches a classical education in 2023 is a rare experience that not many academies offer. At Rochester Classical Academy, the students form a deep connection with God, their peers, and their excellent teachers who provide teachings on what has endured in comparison to more modern teachings. The students will have an in-depth teaching of art, music, and theological ideas to prepare them to live a fruitful life.

Spiritual Formation

RCA emphasizes the importance of each child forming a healthy relationship with God while learning about the classics. Each student will be able to achieve their own spiritual growth through art and music. Our unique taekwondo class offered as part of our physical education program help students build character, strength, and mental acuity.

Our teachings revolve around a classical education or an education focused on the principle that God created everything and gifted us the ability to discover, study, and learn from the past. This is rare for most schools, often more modern teachings are the focus instead of the classics.

Value-Based Education

We teach our students the values of kindness, community, wisdom, honesty, and respect. These values are ingrained in our classes and will follow students well after they graduate from RCA.

Students could easily only learn about calculations and simple historical facts but at RCA we focus on the truth behind theories. The students can use this knowledge in their own spiritual lives as future agents of Christ.

Small Class Size

The smaller class sizes at RCA help students to get the individual attention that they both need and deserve. With this individual attention, students are able to get a more personalized learning experience in a safe and healthy environment. This is especially important for students who need a little extra help so they may also thrive in smaller classroom settings.


We really pride ourselves on creating a community among our students, teachers, and parents. We regularly encourage parents to be involved in their students’ education.  We often have open houses, family events, and plenty of after-school activities to keep students learning and fostering their relationship with God.

Academic Excellence

When students graduate from RCA, our goal is that they will continue their education in both the classics as well as their spiritual education. During their time at the academy, they will start learning the basics of the English language in Pre-Kindergarden. The students will then learn reading, Singapore Math, scripture, poetry, and Latin. Music and art are an essential part of the curriculum and are taught to every grade.


Does RCA sound like the perfect environment for your child? We are now accepting 2023-2024 applications for new students. We would be happy to schedule a tour of the school to ensure RCA is the right Christian school for you and your child.

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