Academics Overview

At Rochester Classical Academy, our academics reflect our mission—to cultivate in our students a spirit of inquiry into God and His creation, so that they can engage the world with wisdom and eloquence for Christ. As our school verse shows, we put our mission into action by focusing on that which is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8).

“At Rochester Classical Academy, we believe that the children of Christians need to be both spiritually and academically equipped throughout childhood. By giving them the tools for taking on any new field, RCA aims to raise up lifelong, joyful learners who celebrate and steward the gifts they have been given and appreciate the feast of knowledge God has put in front of them. Our aim is clear thinking, compelling communication, and students who lead lives of godly character and purpose for Christ and his kingdom.”    – Daniel David Black, Founding Board Chairman

Academic Highlights

  • RCA students are encouraged to find joy in discovery and embrace the lifelong pursuit of learning.
  • Explorers 1 (PreK) students begin reading instruction with phonograms, the basic building blocks of the English language. Watch a one-minute video explaining phonograms here.
  • Explorers 2 (Kindergarten) students learn how to take the phonograms they know and decode words, unlocking the building blocks of reading and language.
  • We use Singapore Math for our mathematics curriculum, which emphasizes concepts prior to procedures, problem-solving rather than just memorization, and builds strong mental math skills. Read more about Singapore Math here.
  • Class and individual recitations (scripture, poetry, famous prose) are a part of every grade. This time-tested practice challenges students to memorize and reflect on great works of words, and gives them ample opportunities for public speaking from the beginning of their time in school.
  • Our students will learn grammar starting in third grade, followed by Latin, the time-tested method for mastering the concepts behind every language.
  • Art and music are an essential part of our curriculum and are taught several times a week for every class.
  • Our class sizes are deliberately small (fifteen students or fewer) so that our teachers know every student well and give them the attention they need to thrive.


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