RCA Has a Home!

At Rochester Classical Academy, we believe that the physical structure of a school is not the same as the school itself, no matter the temptation to believe otherwise. Eight months ago, RCA was just an idea (and a nameless one at that!) and as we have moved from being an idea to being a picture of increasing clarity we have been prayerful to keep our hearts and minds focused on that which is important. With respect to a facility, we have sought to have a clean, safe, and functional space filled with character and history, and void of unnecessary distractions that would take away from our central mission.

One of our biggest goals in seeking the initial facility was that we wanted a space that is accessible to families on all sides of the Rochester area. We also needed a facility that would contain the various kinds of spaces we need within a school:

large and small classrooms
spaces for nature exploration and physical education
office space
Finally, because we wanted to connect our mission to serve parents with the bigger mission of building the Kingdom, we wanted to operate our school inside a church, at least initially. We sought a church that would broadly align with our theology so as to avoid conflict, and we prayed that a church would see us as a partner and not simply as a tenant. We believe the Lord has blessed us with just such a place.
We are delighted to announce that for our inaugural year, Rochester Classical Academy will be housed in Brighton Presbyterian Church (BPC) at 1775 East Ave (map). BPC is located in the North Winton neighborhood in Rochester, right beside the junction of 590 and 490. Most of the building is more than a century old and the congregation has existed for more than 200 years. RCA will occupy the third floor of the education wing and use other parts of the building on an occasional basis.

Please join us in offering prayerful thanks to the Lord for guiding our two organizations toward one another. Let us also thank the congregation of Brighton Presbyterian Church for providing this space for RCA. We pray that the Lord blesses our school and through us, all the people and institutions with which we interact including the BPC congregation, the surrounding neighborhood, and the whole of Rochester.

Yours in Christ,
Daniel Black

President, Launch Board
Rochester Classical Academy
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