What is Classical Christian Education?

Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a centuries-tested approach that begins with the principle that God created everything, and that He has gifted us with the ability to discover, study, and marvel at so much of it. Loving God with all our minds means showing students that everything is the result of God’s creative energy, and that there is nothing over which he is not Lord.

Building on that principle, the CCE model disciples students into self-directed lifelong learning through three rigorous academic phases that parallel the natural cognitive development of children. The result of a Classical Christian Education is a well-rounded young adult who thinks clearly, reasons persuasively, and is able to engage the culture for the glory of God and the edification of others.

Established Classical Christian Schools

The Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS) maintains a list of all member organizations on its website. Below are the schools that are accredited by ACCS and have at least 200 students K-12, the vast majority of which were founded since 1990. There are many more that are not yet accredited, are transitioning to classical, or have fewer than 200 students, but the list below represents the most established schools in the Classical Christian Education tradition.

Click on the links for each school, find out more about what each of them are doing, and form a more complete picture of Classical Christian Education!

Listen to find out what Classical Christian Education is all about!

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